Welcome to Isulong SEOPH! ‘Isulong’ is a Filipino word that means “GO” or “ONWARD.” Isulong SEOPH loosely translates to GO SEOPH! SEOPh is shortened term referring to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Philippines (PH).

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What’s info5.janjalani.com?

July 13th, 2006 isulongseoph-master

Checked the backlinks of http://www.pinoynets.com/isulong-seoph/ and found a whole lot of references coming from info5.janjalani.com. The site has around 257 backlinks on Google and I was wondering what the hell is this janjalani site?

Well, I checked www.janjalani.com and found that it is actually a hosting service. It seems to have quite a large number of subdomains with some Google PR value. Interesting what pinoynets did to get to the top of Google SERPS.

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Simple Contest

July 13th, 2006 isulongseoph-master

I was inpired by another blogger today, so I’m emulating what he did. This is a simple contest.

Bookmark this page to Join the contest


I will randomly choose one del.icio.us user who bookmarked this page, and give him/her a thousand pesos (P1,000).


He/She can be in Manila in the last week of September so I can give the prize money (and take pictures so I can show evidence someone actually won it).

  1. WHY? - I’d like to find out whether this can improve this website’s position for the ISULONG SEOPH contest.
  2. ARE YOU JUST DOING THIS TO WIN THAT CONTEST? Yes, but I’ve promised to donate the prizes to charity should this site win. I’m doing this more for educational purposes now.
  3. WHO ARE YOU? I’m Elymar, AKA Jozzua. Web Marketing Researcher, Coffee-lover, Dreamer.
  4. DO YOU THINK THIS WILL WORK? I dunno, that’s why I’m experimenting it.

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